Looks like the Pokémon epidemic is getting out of hand now! After a rare Pokémon causes a stampede in NYC.

Black History Month may fall on the shortest month of the year, but network and cable television stations have jumped on board to celebrate our…

Black History Month

This Black History Month, we honor the GAME CHANGERS: Everyday heroes whose actions make life better for the people around them. SEE ALL OUR GAME…

Producer, DJ and lecturer 9th Wonder is releasing the latest in his series of music compilations, “9th Wonder Presents: Jamla Is the Squad” on January 28th.…


With Black unemployment reaching historic levels, banks laying off tens of thousands and law school graduates waiting tables, why aren’t more African-Americans looking toward science, technology, engineering and math – the still-hiring careers known as STEM. The answer turns out to be a complex equation of self-doubt, stereotypes, discouragement and economics – and sometimes just […]


If you really want to help your child impress their teacher, then forget about bringing an old apple to school. That is unless you plan to slice that apple open, throw some lemon juice on it to bind it with oxygen and prove that there are sure-fire scientific ways to keep that apple from turning […]

Wiznation Family what’s going on? Ya boy Skillz is back again for another Black Music Month lesson! Today on the Dj Spotlight we have Grand Wizzard Theodore. Who is Grand Wizzard Theodore? Theodore Livingston aka Grand Wizzard Theodore is known worldwide for his role in the advancement of turntable manipulation having invented both the “scratch” […]

What’s going on Wiznation family? Ya boy Skillz back again with another Dj spotlight! Black Music Month is still moving on so here is todays lesson. Who is Grandmaster Flash? Your lesson begins now! There are lots of stories about the birth of jazz and the beginning of rock n’ roll, but hip-hop has founding fathers: […]