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Royce Reed announced via Twitter that she will not be returning to VH1’s Basketball Wives season 4 due to artistic reasons. I can’t say that I am shocked about her announcement. Shaunie, Jennifer and Evelyn has made it clear they will not film any scenes with her. Her only two friends are Tami and Suzi. Is it me or is Suzie definitely apart of the singing group The Brandys, she just wanna be down.

Moments after Royce tweeted, Tami Roman followed hinting that she may not return to the show as well. A few weeks ago Evelyn Lozada also announced via Twitter that she will not be shooting anymore seasons of Basketball Wives. Does artistic reason mean we deserve more money? According to NY Post Page Six, producers are not happy with contract negotiations and are looking to give the girls the boot. Could we be getting a new cast on Basketball Wives season 4?

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