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The Grand Hustle DJ recruits his mixtape regulars, today’s hitmakers, and some fresh faces to produce another album that’s worth checking out.

By Chad Ashmore

When you think of popular mixtape DJ’s, you think of Funkmaster Flex, DJ Green Lantern, and of course DJ Drama. Drama has done a lot of work over the years, being the go-to guy to produce mixtapes. While he releases mostly mixtapes, DJ Drama puts out a full, quality, album you can hear from beginning to end. Drama’s latest release, “Third Power”, is one of those albums.

Young Jeezy, Gucci Mane, and Yo Gotti have worked with DJ Drama before. Like every Drama album, however, he leaves some room for new acts to break out. Some new artists, certainly new to me, you may not heard before are French Montana, Talia Coles, and Future.

Third Power Songs

After hearing the album, I can conclude one thing: Some of these hooks will crawl into your head and stay there. For this album it’s a good thing especially with the lead track, “Oh My” featuring Roscoe Dash, Fabolous, and Wiz Khalifa. It was perfect that this track was placed first because it gets you excited for the whole album.

The best part about this album is the remix, featuring Trey Songz, 2 Chainz, and Big Sean. While Trey Songz makes the hook smooth to listen to, Roscoe’s hook will make you remember it forever. Both tracks fare equally well.

From street bangers to hook-up anthems, this album has it all. “Undercover” gets big points, which includes J. Cole and Chris Brown. The ladies will like the “Never See you Again” featuring Wale and newcomer Talia Coles. When you hear the track, you might ask yourself if this is Talia or J-Lo, because she sounds eerily similar to her.

One song was a disappointment was locked down with Ya Boy and Akon. It was nothing new, just another track with Akon that involves “locked” in the title. Even the beat to this track seemed recycled. This track almost reminded me of a track Akon did with 50 cent off 50’s “Curtis” Album. There’s nothing exciting about this track.

To Sum it up

Some of these tracks are hit-makers, while some are just there to fill the void. While drama’s previous albums broke out artists that have successful careers, I don’t think Montana, Future, or Talia Coles will gain any fame from their tracks on this album. While DJ Drama doesn’t fall short with this release, it still doesn’t match well with his “Gangsta Grillz” series . It’s nothing special, you’ll play it a lot, and then you’ll forget about it.

3 out of 5 stars

Will you buy the album today? Have you already bought it? What are your favorite tracks? Let us know your thoughts of DJ Drama’s new album by posting your comments below.

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