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Earlier in the week, TMZ broke news of analleged sex tape starring late, iconic hip-hop star, Tupac Shakur. The report drew skepticism from some … and was followed by reports of six-figure offers for the rights to the footage by various companies.

For the non-believers, TMZ has just released photographic evidence, proving that there is, in fact, a Tupac sex tape.

Here’s how the story goes: apparently, the late rapper was recorded receiving oral sex from a mystery woman back in 1991 … and a five-minute clip has surfaced. In it, Pac is seen standing in a living room, with a women on her knees at his crotch, all while he’s enjoying a cocktail and a blunt. According to TMZ, one of his tracks are even playing in the background, as the rapper sings along, wiggling his hips — all the while getting serviced by the woman.

The photos here go along with what TMZ reported was on the tape. In one, you can see Money B (from Digital Underground) in the framea and chats it up with Pac. At press time, it was unclear if the footage has been sold.

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