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50 Cent is once again up to his old antagonistic tricks. The rapper released his latest track, “Love, Hate, Love” on yesterday (September 29) and caused quite a stir. The song features jabs at two of hip hop’s most well-known rappers, superstar Lil Wayne and 50’s longtime rival, Compton rapper Game.

50 Cent mocked Weezy’s latest clothing choices and extracurricular activities, (“Actin’ like a white boy bored/ Now you wanna jump a flight of stairs on a skateboard” “Why the f**k your pants so tight?/ You trying to show n***as your ass, your alternative life?”)

He hit below the belt with Game: “You said you was gonna see me when your homie got shot/ It’s been a while so I’m guessing you must’ve forgot/ Once again you forget ain’t this some sh*t/ You forgot about me b*tch I wrote your hits.”

Game responded to the track immediately via Twitter.

@50cent I’m on tour doin shows,” he tweeted. “But soon as @avanterose find a studio for me I’m killin yo “Planet Of The Apes” face havin a** n*** #MEunit

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