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The Postseason is here! Finally the time of the year where all die hard baseball fans like myself  (Yankees) look forward to (if your team is good enough to make it) watching your team in front of sold out crowds the smell of hot dogs, beer and yes screaming fans! There are great match ups and the road to the World Series won’t be easy. Here are the match ups for the 2011 ALDS/NLDS:

Tampa Bay vs Texas

Moore vs Wilson 9/30 (5:07p)

Detroit vs New York Yankees

Verlander vs Sabathia 9/30 (8:37p)

St. Louis vs Philadelphia

Lohse vs Halladay 10/1 (5:07p)

Arizona vs Milwaukee

Kennedy vs Gallardo 10/1 (2:07p)

Don’t miss all the action!

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