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Take me out to the ball game…Take me out with the crowd… Its Dusty Days at the Great American Ball Park! Our night man Don Juan Fasho, Jade West “On a Musical Quest”, and the N.O.C. chilled the entire evening, literally. Someone turned off the heat at the G.A.B.P. Unfortunately the dog days of summer are behind us. Meanwhile sitting with fans of the home team we filled out belly’s with hot dogs, pop corn, peanuts, and refilled our cups with soda over and over again. Ball park food was all- you- can- eat! It was the best day of my life! I love food and what’s better than food, free food!

What are Dusty Days?

According to Dusty Baker the definition of Dusty Days is “take your usual Reds game, pepper in multicultural food and drinks, spice up the music and you’ve got Dusty Days”.

During Thursday’s game we got to witness Brandon Phillips and Jay Bruce knock the ball out of the park and the fireworks flew! If you’ve never been to a game at the G.A.B.P., every time the Reds hit a homer its like the 4thof July! This was the final game of the Reds versus Cubs series. Our boys got the victory. Final score 8/6. Congratulations to the Cincinnati Reds! Shouts out to all of our listeners who were there to support the home team as well. We thank you! Keep listening to win tickets to the next Dusty Days, Wiz Night game at the Great American Ball Park!

Jade West “Always on a Musical Quest”

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