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Who can have Sickle Cell Trait?

Sickle cell trait can be found in people of African, Arabian, Asia, Caribbean, Indian, Mediterranean, South and Central American descent.

It’s national sickle cell awareness month! Monday, the Fun Factory held a fundraiser hosted by yours truly. The proceeds from the event were given to the Sickle Cell division of Children’s Hospital- Cincinnati. One in 10 African- Americans in the US has sickle cell trait. During the fundraiser I met members of the eldest woman in Ohio living with Sickle Cell and she’s still standing at the golden age of 82. There was joy overflowing in and around the rink and there was also pain. I was introduced to a woman who just lost her 15yr old daughter to the disease. I asked her how is she coping and she responded as her best friend stood by her side “One day at a time”. Yet she was there in support of the cause. One young lady I met was accompanied by her mother and simply smiled the entire evening. She was 18 and she too was suffering from the disease, but you wouldn’t know it. She explained she gets her treatments once a month and keeps it moving. She did just that! She really showed out when it came to doing the Wobble and the Cupid Shuffle at the end of the night.

The more I floated around the room getting to know everyone in attendance I found there were far more people of all ages dealing with this disease, in our very own city. While on the microphone I did my best to convey the message on the importance of love and happiness. So we bonded as we skated, danced for the ones who could not be in attendance on this day due to hospitalization or worse. A special thank you to the Fun Factory, Children’s Hospital, and everyone who took the time to stop in this worthy cause; you are appreciated.

Here are 5 things you can do

Take time to find out more about some important things:

1)      Where and how to get tested

2)      Where to get reliable advice and counseling about test results

3)      What Hemoglobin is

4)      What you should tell other family members about the Trait and why

5)      Anything else you want to know about Sickle Cell Disease and Trait

Find out why and how to get tested by visiting the

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