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Here’s my two cents on T.I, who has been released from the Fed. He has moved into a halfway house today.  His fans were waiting to greet him, carrying signs with positive messages.  It makes you wonder….

I recall the Hip Hop Documentary “The Show”, which came out in 1995.  One of the segments was about Russell Simmons going to Rikers Island to visit Slick Rick.  Russell said at the time, “I am only going to see Rick for the movie.  It makes no sense for someone with that much money to be locked up.  I feel the same way about T.I.  It’s true that we all make mistakes, but to quote Ed Lover…”Come on, son.”

We know of his terrible loss of his best friend one night here in Cincinnati, which makes you understand his needing to stay strapped…but he was already on federal probation….already had an illegal arsenal – did his time – got OUT – and was so careless with his recently gained freedom that he got popped for getting high and an illegal U turn – in the company of another convicted felon.  T.I. has great talent, but appears to be careless and unconcerned about his future, and unconcerned about the example he’s setting for young impressionable fans. We all know T.I. can rap, but if you love him, get him some help.

 I truly hope TI, Tiny, Lil Wayne, and others have finally learned their lesson, and will take it down a few notches –for their own lives, careers, and their future, and for the new generation of kids watching them.  LIVE LIKE YOU WANT YOUR KIDS TO LIVE!

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