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Last week an explosive rumor claiming that Lil Wayne had sex and spent the night with a 16-year-old girl named Sarah spread like wildfire over the Internet! Sarah who has many suspect photos with Wayne from the alleged night, including images of her on his tour bus while he was shirtless(even though it seems like he is always shirtless) sent text messages to her friend saying that she did have sex with him. It was alleged that Sarah attended two concerts in Canada to try to get close to her favorite rapper; she failed the first night but was successful the next! Sarah has now backtracked her statements and clarified what she meant by “spent the night.” “For all you dirty minded people, saying you spent the night is about the amount of time and I’m glad I spent that amount of time with one of the greatest people out there so thank you haters for giving me my 15 minutes of fame. I really appreciate it but it’s really a shame that the best rapper alive may have gotten his reputation stained for it” says Sarah via a Youtube video she released yesterday!

“We don’t believe you, you need more people!”

P.S- What 16-year-old wears that to a concert?

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