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Yesterday Ludacris was on the set for his new video/single My Chick Bad. It features Nicki Minaj; though Luda brought out additional bad chicks in the game for the visual. Trina, E-V-E, and Diamond. DJ Khaled and Ricky Ross came through as well. Seems as though all we were missing was Rasheeda and Lil Kim. Lol. Anywho. Enjoy the animated pics, and audio to Luda’s single below (PARENTAL DISCRETION PEOPLE) :)

Beyonce kicked off her South American tour for “I Am…Yours” in Florianópolis, Brasil Tursday February 4, 2010. We’ve all seen Beyonce’s “big fall” that had the entire world logging on to youtube just to see the infamous spill…(you can fast forward about 45seconds in)….

…ok then, well your girl stumbles again this week. But! Beyonce is a pro and plays it so smooth. We heart Bey’s talent. Lol. Show ’em how it’s done mama! 

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