The Associated Pres is currently reporting that Jay Z and Alicia Keys will be performing their hit song Empire State Of Mind for the first game of the World Series tonight.

What people are speculating is that the Yankees are now backing out and disapproving of the duo’s performance of the song, Empire State Of Mind.

The issue derives from the lyrics in song.  No, its not the vulgarity but the following excerpt:  “I made the Yankee hat more famous than a Yankee can.”

Its just a song, and obviously not a direct blow to the Yankees other than Jay-Z implying that he represents his state, New York.

Another rumor that has been circuling around our neck of the woods, is that Jay-Z is bringing the Roc Nation Tour here to Ohio in the city of Columbus.  I have been reading tweets from fellow peers of radio in the Columbus that Jay-Z WILL perform there tonight.

So the question is WHERE EXACTLY will Jay-Z perform tonight?

We shall see tonight!  Stay tuned, your Mixin’ Vixen, DJ Dimepiece will keep you posted!

*Dime Time Update*

Jay-Z did end up performing in Columbus, Ohio inside the Roc Nation Tour tonight!

-DJ Dimepiece

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