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MTV’s newest superstar and socialite Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi is in trouble this week after an accident involving the TV personality and a patrol officer’s car in Florence, Italy. Snooki was reportedly taken into custody after the incident earlier this morning which left her vehicle sandwiched on the highway behind a traffic patrol car.

What’s ironic about the entire situation? The car she hit was one appointed to protect her personal safety while in Florence. Was Snooki drinking? Was she hungover from the holiday?

Apparently, not at all. She’s just in Florence filming the fourth season of the hit MTV series “Jersey Shore.” Think we’ll catch a glimpse of this action on the show soon? You tell us below on the message board.

Thank goodness no one was hurt, but you can find out more on the accident via the links below.


Snooki Crashes in Italy

Sean Kingston in Stable Condition After Jet Ski Accident in South Beach





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