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Breaking entertainment news this week arrives as word spreads about a controversy going on amongst top CBS officials accused of stiffing former actors on the hit TV show “Happy Days.”

We hear there’s some disturbance involving the familiar cast members Anson Wiliams, Don Most, Marion Ross and Eric Moran who have come together with claims that the network owes them some serious money for merchandising.

The claims come nearly four decades after “Happy Days” first ran on the air back in 1974, but representatives say CBS hasn’t paid its former actors a penny for their images used in related merchandise – a major breach of contract based on the terms set for the popular show.

Check out the interview below with the cast and the related links that detail the story.

Were you a fan of “Happy Days” back in the late 70s and 80s? Share your thoughts and TV memories with us below on the message board.


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