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Does Christina Milian want that old thing back? The answer should be hell no! Especially after how he played her. I mean really; he was caught kissing his assistant and friend of Milian on a beach in the Caribbean. Remember he was having a gay old time as the camera’s caught her straddling him in the water. Wasn’t that the whole reason behind the divorce in the first place? Oh no wait a minute the Dream was the one to file for divorce. Get this, he did it days before their daughter Violet was born.

Well regardless of all of that maybe the Dream wants to end his nightmare. Just maybe Christina wants that old thing back because the divorced couple was seen locking lips in Vegas over the weekend. She was attending Michael Jordan’s 10th Annual Michael Jordan Celebrity Invitational Celebration. Hip Hop hooray! Not. It hasn’t been confirmed that they’re officially back together but they’re definitely enjoying each others company for now. SMDH.

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