Chicago Nightclub Denies Entry to Several Black Students


VIA: Essence.com

It’s been a number of years since the days of Jim Crow, but several African-American college students from Washington University are still feeling the sting of that sort of prejudice. The students have filed a complaint with the Chicago Human Rights Commission, the Illinois Attorney General, the U.S. Department of Justice and other organizations against Original Mother’s bar in Chicago which barred them from entering while admitting nearly 200 White students from the same class, according to CNN.com. The students were in Chicago on a two-day senior class trip and made prior arrangements with the bar for their celebration.

Employees at the bar said the six Black students denied entry didn’t meet with the dress code requirement of no baggy jeans, but when a White student and Black student switched jeans, the White student was immediately allowed in.

Washington University Chancellor Mark Wrighton sent a letter to Chicago Mayor Richard Daley to express his “most intense disappointment” about the incident. The club is now conducting an internal investigation into the incident.

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