Here’s the scoop Wendy was paid $25,000 to host a party. The agreement was to have Ms. Willam’s make rounds in the club to greet guests. You know she was expected to do what a celebrity guest host is supposed to do. You know toast it up with fans! Unfortunately she decided against it at the last minute. The promoter claims she and her husband sat in the corner of the venue and chilled for the entire evening. They mingled amongst each other sipping champagne while not speaking to anyone. Basically she simply made an appearance.

Not sure if the judge will throw out this lawsuit or what. But we’ll keep you posted. “Hott off the Wire” airs on the Russ Parr Morning Show Monday through Friday 6:17, 7:17, 8:17am. Stay tuned!

Watch her Dancing with Stars Debut below.

By the way if you wondering how Wendy scored on DWTS the judges gave her 14points.

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