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I Can Remember Growing Up As A Kid In Mt Airy, And Maybe Things Were Different For Certain People In Cincinnati….But As A Kid. You Simply HAD To Have A Nintendo.

If You Didnt Have One….Youd Spend Tons Of Time At Your Friends House Down The Street That DID Have An Original Nintendo Gaming Console (NES). The List Of Classic Classic Games We All Played On The NES Are Simply Countless, I Could Go On For Hours Talking About Various Games Played On The NES.

But Over Time…We All Grew Up, And Technology Changed. Nintendo Saw The Sega Genesis Briefly Become The Dominant Console, And Upon Releasing The Super Nintendo System….It Seemed Nintendo Had Vanquished Its Challengers.


Something Peculiar Happened.

A Company Named Sony Entered Its Name Into The Hat, AndUpon Releasing The 1st Playstation Console…..Sony Effectively Ended Nintendo’s Stranglehold On The Console Gaming Market. What We (The Public) Saw After That Was Sort Of Crazy. Nintendo – This Super Dominant Company That We All Grew Up with – VANISHED. The CD Age Of Games….And By That I Mean, The Rise Of The Playstation & Xbox Had Begun.

Nintendo Had Became A “Kids” Console….And Released Games That Seemingly Nobody Wanted To Buy.

Well Cincinnati….

Im Here To Tell You…..The Big Dog Is BACK.

Nintendo Wii’s Are Impossible To Keep On The Shelves And EVERYONE Is Geting Their Game On. And Once AGAIN….It Is Nintendo….That Has Everyone From Your 4 Year Old Son/Daughter…..To Your 80 Year Old Grandpa/Grandma Talking Trash As They Beat You In Wii Bowling.

The Numbers Dont Lie….8 Of The 10 Top Selling Games Of The Past Year Were Nintendo Titles. And 7 Of Those 10 Were For The Uber Popular Nintendo Wii.

1 360 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Activision Blizzard
2 Wii Sports Resort w/ WII Motion Plus Nintendo of America
3 Wii New Super Mario Bros. WII Nintendo of America
4 Wii WII Fit w/ Balance Board Nintendo of America
5 Wii WII Fit Plus Nintendo of America
6 Wii Mario Kart w/ Wheel Nintendo of America
7 Wii WII Play w/ Remote* Nintendo of America
8 PS3 Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 Activision Blizzard
9 360 Halo 3: ODST Microsoft
10 NDS Pokemon Platinum Version Nintendo of America

PS. As The Resident Gamer @ The WIZ, And A Former Proffesional/Competetive Gamer Nationally. I Will STILL Dominate Anyone In The 513 When It Comes To Call Of Duty On The Xbox 360.

II Diddles

Come Get At Me

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