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New Orleans rapper Mystikal has officially been released from prison and seeks to reestablish his career as a Hip-Hop artist.

“I’m back. It almost feels like a dream,” he said in an interview with New Orleans’ radio station Q93 FM. “Six years off the scene for most rappers, it would be over with, but it’s a new beginning for me.”

“Now that he has been released from prison, Mystikal is looking forward to getting back in the game,” a source close to the rapper told AllHipHop.com “He’s laying low for now, but he’s definitely happy to be out and looking forward to working with everyone.”

The rapper, born Michael Lawrence Tyler, was released from prison late yesterday evening (January 14) after serving a six-year sentence for sexual assault and battery.

Mystikal had always maintained his innocence and said that his spirituality helped him maintain.

“It had to be God [that got me through jail]. Going through it, it was tough. I had to get outta my way and let God handle that,” he stated. “He had his arms wrapped around me tight.”

Mystikal also commented on the slew of rappers that are going to jail or recently returning home from jail. He said that rappers aren’t necessarily targeted wrongly, even though he feels falsely imprisoned.

“We gotta pay more attention to what we’re doing our self. That’s an easy excuse,” he said on air. “We gotta take responsibility for what we do. We cant be foolish especially when you are blessed and successful. We gotta tighten up”

Mystikal’s lengthy prison sentence stemmed from an incident in which he forced his hairstylist to perform sexual acts on him and his bodyguard.

He initially denied the charges, but accepted a plea in 2003, when a videotape of the incident was presented during his trial.

Because he taped the sexual assault, both men were charged with extortion.

Prior to his stint in prison, Mystikal was a chart topping rapper who have collaborated with artists like The Neptunes, Scott Storch, Juvenile, Outkast, Da Brat.

He didn’t indicate particulars on what he would be doing with his musical career, but said he had been writing significantly during his stay in jail.

Mystikal also plans to mentor kids to help them avoid the pitfalls that he was unable to avoid.

“I’m gonna let these knuckle head kids know…that dog that’s barking at them…he bit me,” he said. “I’m gonna be doing a lot of positive stuff.”

He said it hurt to be in jail for the death of his sister and Soulja Slim, as well as not being able to help his hometown during the Hurricane Katrina tragedy.

Sounding excited, he further indicated that he had been wronged, but moreover that he was prepared to reenter the music game a star.

“Wait ‘til I shake the world up now. I want reparations.”

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