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How would you feel if your kid was sent to time out for acting up? But come to find out that time out is actually a cage. Well thats what happen to an 8th grader in New Orleans and he’s mother isn’t to happy.

The 8th grader took photos of the cage/jail. The boy’s mother, Latreshia Davis, said her son was serving an in-school suspension with other students. She said her son told her that he and the other students were put in the cage and left unattended for periods of time, with school officials checking on them periodically.

Davis acknowledged that her son has discipline problems, but she said she is willing to work with the school to resolve them, and she was shocked to see where he was placed.

The charter school is run by the New Orleans Charter Schools Foundation. The damn school says it’s not a cage. “It is true that the room is equipped with a mesh fence, because it was formerly used as an equipment room. At the present time, the gate to the fence is not and cannot be locked. The students were under the supervision of one of our teachers, who was present throughout the entire seven minutes that the students were in the room” says school officials.

Officials said that the mesh fence would be removed before the room is again used in such a manner. WOW!

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