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LaLa Vasquez, Carmelo’s eternal fiancee, chatted with NecoleBitchie.com about a new reality show she has in the works. The show, “Love & Basketball” will attempt to find 3 NBA players love. Here’s what she had to say about it:

The show “Love & Basketball” is taking three SINGLE NBA basketball players that are “looking for love” and sending them on a series of dates and situations with interesting women. The goal of this show is to highlight the “type” of women that go after the athlete. I thought it would be fun because we all know that some of “those women” are a unique and interesting group. The NBA players we are using are HIGH profile yet they are SINGLE, so it will be intriguing to watch the lengths the contestants will go through to be with a baller. However there are extremely successful and career-driven women that end up dating professional athletes as well.

WOW. She started to go in with the “type” of women who date ballers but then must have remembered that she herself was dating one and tried to clean it up with the “oh yeah, smart and successful women date athletes too.” Not gonna lie though, this is probably going to make for a very entertaining show.


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