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Footage from Lil Wayne’s upcoming “Nino Brown Story Part 2″ DVD with DJ Scoob Doo has hit the net. In the new clip, Lil Wayne talks about ESPN, talk show host Jim Rome and his overall sports theme. [More Exclusive Footage From Lil Wayne’s ‘Nino Brown Story Pt. 2]Previously Lil Wayne announced he was making a new DVD with DJ Scoob Doo called “Nino Brown Story Part 2,” and the making of the dvd has hit the net. “It’s phenomenal to see somebody at 7 o’clock in the morning or 8 o’clock in the morning, after being in the studio a good 10, 12 hours, and still having fun,” Scoob says of Lil Wayne. “You’re going to see him laughing at himself. He’s not listening to anybody tell jokes. He’s listening to his own words, he’s listening to his own raps, and he’s having the best time of his life.”

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