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News10: SACRAMENTO, CA – Talk about timing.

The incident began when three brothers allegedly tried to break into a home near Foothill High School in Sacramento Monday afternoon, according to spokeswoman Sheryl Chow with the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Department.

The suspects tried to run away but officers quickly caught Jamario Hill, 19, a short distance from the duplex on Robert Frost Way where the attempted break-in was reported.

His brothers continued to run from authorities.

The Sacramento Police Department launched its helicopter announcing a description of the two other men they were searching for.

The oldest brother, 20-year-old James Hill Jr., ran through a football field where a group of deputies and cops just happened to be practicing for their annual Pig Bowl, according to Sacramento Sheriff’s Sgt. Tim Curran.

Sheriff’s canine officer and team wide receiver Shane Gregory saw the possible suspect walking along the track beside the field. “He’s looking over his shoulder where the sirens are coming from and as he got closer to us, I looked at him and I said, ‘Hey man, just come here and talk to me for a second. And he took off running up the hillside.”

Gregory ran after him, in full football pads, catching him at the top of the hill. “And I…grabbed him by his hooded sweatshirt and took him down on the ground where we were able to get handcuffs on him,” he said.

Also in on the tackle; Sacramento Police motorcycle officer and team tight end T.J. Price. “It almost felt unreal, honestly,” Price said. “How often are you going to get a criminal come running through, you know, 60 cops playing out here, and instinct kicks in and he’s our criminal so we’re gonna get him one way or another.”

Officers also arrested 19-year old Jamario Hill and a third brother, a 17-year old juvenile, who was chased down by another group of cops on the field, who were part of the offensive line.

All three brothers face charges of attempted burglary and conspiracy. The two adult brothers are being held at the Sacramento County Jail, while their younger brother was taken to Juvenile Hall.

The 8th annual Guns ‘N Hoses football game between law enforcement and firefighters is set for January 30th at Cordova High School.

The suspect nabbed by Gregory and Price seemed stunned at his arrest. “He didn’t say anything at all, nothing at all,” Gregory said, “I think he was just kind of dumbfounded over what happened.”

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