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The story behind Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s rise to fame is heading to theaters.  Soulja Boy will be starring in the autobiographical movie “The DeAndre Way.” Soulja Boy says he’s excited to take his life to the big screen stating, quote,

“A lot of people say Soulja Boy is a one hit wonder, and he’s lucky. It’s not even about music. It’s about a success story, but it’s a true story from the bottom to the top, a true success story.”

Soulja Boy says his upcoming movie will be a visualization of his new album, which is also titled “The DeAndre Way.” He adds, quote, “If you look at this third album, it’s like I am becoming more personal and more real and telling people about my life as a human being, not as a superstar.”

A debut date for the movie “The DeAndre Way” has not been announced, while Soulja Boy’s “The DeAndre Way” album arrives in stores today.

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