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As the Basketball Wives finale nears, things are heating up between the cast members of the show. Yesterday, we reported that Royce Reed allegedly banned her cast mates from attending any of the events that she was hosting during NBA All Star week which apparently came as a shock to Shaunie O’Neal. We caught up with Shaunie earlier today and here’s what she had to say:

“I’m still shocked that she would be hosting an All Star event. I mean I guess I understand with the show and all, that’s her relevance to the NBA but other than that, I guess I’m a little surprised that she was even asked to host something.”

Shaunie – who along with the singer Brandy, is hosting her own charity shopping event tomorrow at the Louis Vuitton store in Beverly Hills – says that she doesn’t really feel slighted by the alleged blacklisting, because she’s not really in contact with her cast mate anyway.

“Royce is one of the girls that no one really hangs out with. I didn’t even know she was still here (in Los Angeles). I saw her a week ago when we taped the reunion special, but when I’m in Orlando, we don’t hang out. Our kids don’t play together.”

“Listen, I’m going to be honest with you, at the end of the day this is about business. And Royce knows that the Producers and I have really been talking about her future with the show. I mean when we first started, we all knew about Royce’s issues with (her sons father, Orlando Magic superstar Dwight Howard), and not being able to talk about it and who she’s attached to. But it’s getting harder and harder to tie her in, especially since she’s not even anyone’s friend. So from a production standpoint, we’re shopping for her replacement. She knows this, so this all feels like drama she’s creating to find a way for us to say yes, you can come back.”

Shaunie says she has no ill feelings towards Royce, and doesn’t even feel the need to reach out to her to even confirm this latest in a string of incidents surrounding the controversial co-star.

‘Royce is Royce. I think in season 2 she really tried to be this smarter woman, but that isn’t the case. I mean I get it, you do what you have to do to stay relevant. But don’t lie on your costars.”

Stay tuned for our in-depth talk with Shaunie where she answered your questions on her real issue with Gloria, how she feels about Shaq’s reality show, and why she’ll probably never drop the name O’Neal. She also gave us the inside scoop on who had a run in on the upcoming reunion show.


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