It’s that time! Are you ready? Lyrical Genius is a test of your musical knowledge. Are you up on your lyrical game? How well do you know the lyrics to your favorite songs?

It is a Trey Songz VIP Winning Weekend. In which song did Trey Songz sing these lyrics:

Already know.

Aint you seen the video?

Get some ice in ya life…

Imagine how I’m really tho…

Nobody directin.

Nobody to cut, only you & me tho.

Wana make your body blast off, torpedo.

Lyrical Genius is a time sensitive play on words. Call me, your girl Keta Kiwi, in studio at 4:28pm with the artist(s) and title for your chance to win a bottle of champagne & pair of VIP passes to the Trey Songz afterparty January 8, 2010! (513) 749-1011, GOOD LUCK! (answer will be posted by 6pm)

Shout out to Tameeko for winning! You are officially a Lyrical Genius Mama! The correct answer is I Invented Sex (remix w/ Usher and Keri Hilson)

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