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When you’re the son of a successful music mogul, presents can be quite lavish, even if you are just 17 years old. For Justin Combs, he knows this all too well.

He got a Mercedes Maybach when he turned 16, and just over a year later, Justin is doing good with his grades in school, so daddy Diddy rewarded him.

Not with a day out for some ice cream or some new gear, but with another Maybach. This was was the upgraded limousine version though, which costs a whopping $390,000.

“Justin has turned himself around and is now an honors student, which he wasn’t before, so I wanted to treat him,” Diddy explained of the lavish gift. “It’s a collector’s car, so maybe he will use it for special occasions like on a first date, but like all my kids, he prefers the simpler things than the expensive things. Simple tastes.”

In January 2010, Diddy splurged on his son’s 16th birthday party, throwing him a lavish affair where he was escorted to the party by Nicki Minaj, and had the likes of Fabolous, Jim Jones, Juelz Santana and Lil Kim show up to enjoy the festivities, all while Trey Songz performed.

It was all captured on camera by MTV, who aired it during an episode of their popular show, “My Super Sweet 16”.

The hip-hop mogul was criticized for giving his son such an expensive gift, but he fought back at his critics, remarking that the opposition was based more on his skin color, rather than his finances.

“The whole thing about giving a Maybach to my son, that’s really like a racist question,” Diddy said, in response to an interview with journalist Martin Bashir, who questioned his decision to give his son the car.

“You don’t ask white people what they buy their kids,” Diddy continued. “And they buy ’em Porsches and convertible Bentleys, and it ain’t no question. It’s really a racist question and put things back in perspective with money and the way that people still look at you. And I’m not saying that consciously he’s a racist. But he probably don’t even realize that he would not ask Steve Jobs that. He would be like Steve Jobs has that money and that’s the gift his kid is supposed to get.”

So, don’t be asking Diddy why he copped Justin another Maybach ’cause you know what his answer’s gonna be.

In addition to Justin, Diddy has five other kids — a 12-year-old son named Christian; twin girls, D’Lila Star and Jessie James, 4; daughter Chance, 4; and stepson Quincy, 19.

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