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Via: Celebs.com

Ironically Ice T got a real-life slice of the kind of drama that usually takes place on his hit TV series Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. Only this time, he wasn’t playing a cop. He was the real-life father of the “perp.” It seems the rapper/actor’s 19-year-old son was arrested a couple of nights ago for indecent exposure.

According to  Media Take Out, 19-year-old Ice Marrow aka L’il Ice was arrested in a Van Nuys, California strip club and charged with misdemeanor indecent exposure. How did this happen? Well, it depends on who’s supplying the facts. Just the facts.

L’il Ice’s friends say he got tired of waiting in line to use the bathroom, so he decided to just go outside, i.e. in front of the club. Other people, i.e. strangers and/or people who were not his friends claim that after getting “a few lap dances,” L’il Ice felt an urgent need to relieve himself in a manner that had nothing to do with urination.

Whatever. The verifiable facts are that L’il Ice was released on “5 stacks bail”–whatever that is–and he’s due in court in two weeks. So far, there’s been no comment from his dad, Ice T, his stepmother Coco or their representatives.

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