Nicki Minaj has been experiencing a whirlwind of turbulence with her minions of fanatic followers during a trip in London.

At London club Runway the rapper was supposed to have an appearance but a fight brought the entire event to a halt.

Minaj didn’t even get a chance to go inside the venue, because of the seemingly dangerous atmosphere around Runway.

The Dorchester hotel has threatened to kick Nicki and her crew off the premises if they cannot somehow control the hundreds of fans outside of the building.

“Ugh! The lonon barbz r giving me life! They’re so passionate,” she tweeted, “They’re still @ the hotel. The hotel is threatening to kick me out.”

The fans eventually won the frenzy cause Minaj to send out another tweet.

“So the hotel made me walk out the “back” door and guess what? Paparazzi and Barbz… Lol. Ima need that hotel to sit. U aint stoppn nuthn.”

Nicki Minaj is in the United Kingdom touring in support of her platinum-selling album, Pink Friday.

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