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What a way to start off this beautiful weekend with bad news from the other side of the country…

I just heard that an Arizona congresswoman, out in the streets trying to make a difference, has been shot today (Saturday). Gabrielle Giffords, 40 and a third term Democrat and U.S. Rep, was holding a public event when a gunman arrived shooting her down along with three of her political aides outside a Safeway store in Tuscon, AZ.

Giffords was reportedly shot in the head at point blank range just after 10:00AM. After undergoing surgery, Giffords is said to be in critical condition. We’re definitely going to keep her in our thoughts and prayers. So much is going on in the world today and this just adds to how serious it can be out here.

We’ve also discovered that Giffords is married to Captain Mark E. Kelly, the scheduled commander of the 134th Nasa shuttle flight set to launch this spring on the space shuttle Endeavour. Weird connection to these two major stories, huh?

In a situation like this, what is your first response and reaction to gunshots? Stop, drop and get low to the ground or turn around and take off running in the opposite direction? Seems like complete chaos is almost inevitable.

Read more on the story as more breaking news unfolds by visiting FoxNews.com.

I’ll be discussing this one on-air so I’d like to hear your feedback responses and initial reactions to it all.

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