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Wale had choice words for a local radio station recently. Apparently two Baltimore DJs played a diss record over the air, and he could not refrain from responding. Here’s what our good friends at The Young, Black, and Fabulous had to report:

Baltimore rapper Bossman has been coming at DC rapper Wale for some time now with diss tracks. Apparently, Bossman doesn’t like Wale just because he’s from DC and has more shine, plus there has been a long standing ‘beef’ between the two regions.  Wale typically never responds to the songs other than saying a few words. However, yesterday was an exception.

Wale was in Baltimore for a scheduled show and tuned into Baltimore radio station 92Q. The two radio hosts, Porkchop and Squirrel Wide, played Bossman’s latest diss record to Wale called ‘Nail In The Coffin’. After the song aired, the hosts made a comment saying, “Wale is going to get beat up at the show tomorrow“.

This pissed Wale OFF and he called into the station to speak his mind. The conversation was recorded off air. Wale basically said that the station DJ’s were promoting the beef and thus promoting violence within the hip hop community. He also said that he’s never had a problem with Bossman and that the whole beef is bulls**t. Wale also wanted to talk to Bossman one on one…

The content gets vulgar (couldn’t place the audio on our family friendly site), however if you’d like to hear what Wale had to say click here–> WALE SNAPS BACK.


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