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You knew the rumor was coming by now. Add Nicki Minaj to the growing list of celebs who has made a sex tape. An alleged Nicki Minaj sex tape is reportedly on its way amid months of speculation after a leaked photo found it’s way onto the Internet.

The flick features a topless woman, resembling Minaj, with her signature jet black wig and bangs.

The folks over at Mediatakeout.com reportedly screened the tape, which is being shopped for $100,000. Ridiculous!

No word as yet from Nicki on the tape.


Do you think celebrities (or people in general) should be more careful when it comes to filming sex acts? What does an alleged sex tape have to do with the music? Where do you stand? Have you ever been filmed while engaging in any sexual activity? How did you feel if/when it got out to the public?

Should Nicki Minaj address it or speak out on the validity of the alleged sex tape? Should just keep her mouth shut and let it blow over?

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5 thoughts on “Nicki Minaj Sex Tape Hits the Net

  1. MusicJunkie on said:

    You’re absolutely right Keta. What does an artist’s sex life (or sex tape for this matter) have to do with the music? Absolutely not a thing! Let’s stay focused. Nicki keep your mouth shut and let the fans focus on what’s most important – the quality of your music and artistry.

  2. uhhhhhhhm flat out man this is not tru man it’s just another look alike just trying to get famous ppl is so lame comon now……. yu want to be a look a like O …… Come onn ya lil girls need to do something better with yal time but sit up here and try to mess nicki manij fame up ….. get on ya grown women status !!!!!!!! SAP

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