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First Off…

I’d Like To Thank All Those Who Participated In This Years Basement Fantasy Football League. This Marks The 5th Year We’ve Ran The League…And It’s Been Amazing To Have Some Of You Listeners In The League With Us For All 5 Years.

I Also Have To Give A Big Shout Out To Fellow WIZ Personality DJ Skillz….For Without Whom This Wouldnt Be As Satisfactory….You See – Myself And Skillz Have A Comradic Rivalry From Everything From College Basketball To Fantasy Football….But ESPECIALLY In Fantasy Football.

I Took Home The Basement League Title In 2008….And Then Skillz Won It In 2009 (As Well As Being The Runner Up In 2007).

However….For The Last 6 Months Of Trash Talk I’ve Had To Endure About How “Skillz Would Win Back To Back” blah blah blah….Today Is A Sweet Sweet Day Here In The WIZ Studios.

As You Can See….Your Boy Slim Is Currently Up And Winning 108-10….And Then You See Good Ol DJ Skillz….Losing 43-76.

I’m Not Here To Gloat….Okay – Maybe That’s Exactly What I’m Here To Do….I Just Would Like To Be The First To Congratulate Skillz On A Likely 1st Round Exit From The Playoffs This Year!

I’d Also Like To Wish The Best Of Luck To The Remaining Listeners In The Championship Bracket! …And Hope To See More Of You Join Us For The 6th Annual Basement Fantasy Football League NEXT Year!

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