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As we all prepare to put the finishing touches on our holiday meal plans and purchase those last minute gifts and Christmas cards, it’s going to be an emotional time for one family in particular this holiday.

101.1 The Wiz wishes to take a moment to salute the family of fallen Bengals star Chris Henry who just one year ago was reported dead after an unfortunate incident involving an auto accident following an altercation between he and his girlfriend.

We know his family members are still not the only ones mourning and grieving this holiday season, but we at least want to spread some love your way and let you know that the very city Chris Henry fought for on the field still has his back.

May God continue to be with you all and anyone else out there reading who might be celebrating Christmas this year without a loved one and a special friend. We salute you, too, and wish you well.

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Where were you when you found out Chris Henry had passed away? What were your initial thoughts on the situation?

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