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Nicki Minaj is still making her promo runs. Monday night she hit up Chelsea Lately. The interview was interesting as Chelsea holds no bars as usual with her guests. Of course Nicki’s a firecracker herself, and she candidly snapped backed at Chelsea’s comments. It was all in fun, as they discussed Pink Friday, Nicki’s alter egos, and double standards in the industry.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview:

In the music, I have Nicki, I have Barbie, I have Roman, I have Martha (who’s Roman’s mother). I made up a new one the other day called Rosa. Nicki is the regular accent girl from southside Jamaica, Queens. Barbie is like, ‘Um, okay I get it. I guess it’s time for me to put my ***** on your sideburns.’ That little soft voice. And then Roman is like, ‘Is this the thing I get for puttin’ you b**ches on! Is it my fault that all you b**ches gone?!’ You know he’s like crazy. He’s a gay boy. He’s very flamboyant and into himself.

Ok then Nicki, LOL. Check the video out below. Don’t forget to leave us your comments!

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