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Via: Bossip.com

 Top 10 Dumb A$$es of 2009 and this is what we came up with…

10. C-Murder gets locked up AGAIN!!!

It seems that C-Murder has been in trouble the entire time that he has been on earth. He finally got a little break and was put on house arrest but of course he violates it and ends up back in jail. Then on top of that, he had another case and ended up with a life sentence. Now C-Murder has nothing but time!!!

9. Tyrese F*cks Up the National Anthem

Tyrese performed the National Anthem during the Lakers/Nugget game back in May. We don’t know who told him he could change the lyrics to the song but he did. Instead of saying “our flag was still there,” he replaced the words with “our Lakers were still there.” He probably thought he was being creative but the rest of the country took it as him being disrespectful. Next time he may just want to stick to the original.

8. Soulja Boy: Rich N***a Sh*zz…

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Soulja Boy decided to make a video that showed off all his jewelry and how much it cost along with the money that he stashes in his house. That same day a story leaked saying that his landlord in L.A. was suing him for $10,000 in unpaid rent and late fees. He removed that video real quick but of course… WE HAVE IT!!!

7. Fantasia Tattoos a Married Man’s Name on her Shoulder…

After Fantasia and Young Dro separated, she decided to look for love in other places like the T-Mobile store. She met a married man by the name of Antwan Cook and she was feeling him so much that she tattooed his last name on her shoulder. After feeling dumb as hell, Fantasia releases a statement saying that there is no tattoo on her shoulder. Let’s get this straight Fantasia… You’re saying that someone photo-shop that tattoo on your left shoulder??? RRRIIIGGGHHHTTT!!! You don’t have to lie to kick it Tasia…

6. Joe Wilson Shouts Out “YOU LIE” During Obama’s Healthcare Speech

Congressman Joe Wilson must have been on something the day President Obama gave his health care speech on national television. We really wonder what made Joe Wilson think that he could shout this out and no one say anything about it… DUMB @$$!!!

5. Plaxico Shoots Himself in the Foot at and Nightclub…

Plaxico Burress has got to feel like one of the dumbest people alive. How many people shoot themselves by accident and then have to go to jail for it??? Probably not many. Plaxico is now serving a two-year sentence for caring a weapon into a NYC nightclub and shooting himself in the foot by accident. Yes, the sentence was a little harsh but still… SMH. Plaxico, don’t drop the soap!!!

4. Lil Wayne Gets Lauren London and Nivea Pregnant at the Same Time….

Well, we know how this happen, but WHY??? Lil’ Wayne had Lauren London and Nivea pregnant at the same time. Lil Wayne raps about staying strapped with guns but it’s obvious that he doesn’t strap his other gun…

3. Lamar Odom Marrying Khloe Kardashian after only 30 days…

Lamar Odom is definitely one of the biggest DUMB A$$es of the year for marrying Khole Kardashian after only knowing her for 30 days. Khloe confirmed that Lamar chopped her down within three to four days of knowing her. Guess it was so good that he needed it for life!!!

2. Kanye West and Lil Mama Jumping on Stage at the VMA’s…

Kanye West invading the stage while Taylor Swift was accepting her award was one of the dumbest things he has ever done. Then Lil Mama decides to hop on stage while Jay-Z and Alicia Keys are performing… WHERE THEY DO THAT AT??? Kanye and Lil’ Mama were way OUT OF POCKET for these two stunts.

AND THE NUMBER 1 DUMB @$$ of the YEAR!!!!!

Tiger Woods has taken the cake for being the #1 DUMB @$$ of the Year. He has been linked to damn near 10 girls while being married to his wife, gets in a car accident and runs into a fire hydrant and a tree. Then on top of that, all the years he put into his career and changing the game of golf, he will be also known as the man that was a big time golfer that cheated on his wife with 10 girls and ended up ruining his image all for some

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