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Karrine “Superhead” Steffans wrote a disturbing letter last month detailing her experiences dealing with domestic violence [read it here], well now she’s taking it to court! 

The former “Video Vixen” filed a restraining order against her ex-husband Darius McCrary a while ago, but now she’s petitioned the court to make the order permanent. 

The guy who played Eddie Winslow on “Family Matters” has been temporarily ordered to stay at least 100 yards away from his ex-wife after allegedly beating her with a belt … in front of her son. 

The woman behind the accusations is famed video vixen Karrine Steffans – who filed legal papers in L.A. … describing two separate violent encounters with 34-year-old Darius McCrary

According to the docs, Karrine claims McCrary “choked me from behind and beat me with a belt” during an argument in February … an attack allegedly witnessed by her 12-year-old son. 

Karrine claims McCrary struck again in November — choking her and shoving her into a car in front of a large crowd of people at the Sunset Marquis Hotel in L.A. 

Now Karrine is asking the judge to make the restraining order more permanent — she’s scheduled to appear in court next week. (Via: TMZ

I have to wonder “why now?” Not to dismiss the seriousness of domestic violence, but I feel like Karrine is up to something. 

Check out what Darius had to say when interviewed briefly last month  [CLICK HERE if you missed it] and he pretty much refused to dish dirt about his former wife. I wonder if he’s rethinking his position. 

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