When Ghetto Weddings Go Wrong!!!!

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I’ve just learned of a VERY CRAZY story. A couple in Houston were getting married in Houston, when all of a sudden, the best man starts SHOOTING . . . and robbing guests.

It popped off on October 24th at the wedding reception of Nadia Clay and Terrance Simmons. The affair was very elegant, with a formal wedding ceremony and a tasteful reception afterwards. When all of a sudden, the best man – whom police say goes by the name “Johnny Smith” – pulls out a gun and starts BUSSING OFF SHOTS.

Here’s what happened, according to the wedding DJ that got robbed, Kendrick Shepherd:

He steps back, takes it [the gun] and then shoots it in the air . . . And then comes and pushes me, grabs [an expensive crystal decanter full of cognac] and runs out the door and I’m like, did that just happen”

But the police are having a tough time tracking down the gun toting best man. The groom told investigators he barely knows him. Terrance claims that when his cousin backed out as his best man, this dude “Johnny Smith” was a last minute replacement.

Here’s how Houston’s KHOU is reporting on it:

“He says he met him at a basketball court playing basketball,” said HPD Detective Jeff Brieden.

Police don’t believe Simmons, and neither does the victim.

“Come on, they know him. They’ve got to,” Shepherd said. “You going to let anyone be in your wedding as a best man?”

The couple was forced to testify before a grand jury, but they stuck to their story.

If this ain’t the most GHETTO-EST THING you ever heard!!!

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