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Former 2 Live Crew frontman, Luther “Uncle Luke” Campbell, recently announced that he’s accepted a position as assistant football coach for Miami Central High School.

The 49-year-old — who once stood up against censorship in hip-hop with his rap lyrics — was given permission by the Miami-Dade school system to coach the team, after receiving letters of support from community leaders, school officials and parents, reports

“I’m happy and proud of what we accomplished [as 2 Live Crew], but that part of my life is over,” Luke Campbell told local paper, the Bellingham Herald. “The entertainer — I left him on stage.”

As a member of 2 Live Crew, Luke music career was plagued with censorship suits and legal battles over songs like “Pop that P****” and “Throw the D***.” And in the past decade, he’s dipped his hand into the adult film industry, releasing DVDs and even maintaining an adult website.

However, the school’s head coach Telly Lockette doesn’t consider his raunchy past to be an issue when it comes to coaching football.

“I thought they [2 Live Crew] were funny. It was part of the times,” Lockette said. “Sex sells. That’s the way of the world. The kids know who Lil Wayne is, but they don’t know who Mark Twain is. They relate to Luther very well. We joke with him about his past, but, you know, everybody deserves a chance to grow up. He’s like a father figure to these boys. He understands the streets and how they’re trying to find their way.”

He’s been coaching kids in his Liberty City neighborhood for years now, and offers a strict list of guidelines to his young players.

“I don’t tolerate cursing or the n-word,” Luke explained. “I tell them, ‘Don’t ever disrespect a girl because that makes you less than a man.’ And ‘Pick the girl who is responsible, not the one with Fs on her report card. Easy to get in, hard to get out. I’ve lived that life’ … I want to help kids be more compassionate, respectful, responsible. I tell them stories of what I did and what I should not have done.”

18-year-old Miami Central wide receiver, C.J. Gaines, has been coached by Luke since he was 10. He doesn’t see him as a celebrity though. “I don’t see him as a rapper,” Gaines told the Miami Herald. “I see him as a father.”

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