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[PHOTOS] Tiger Woods: “Infinitely Happier” One Year Later

While in some sense it seems like forever ago, just one year back Tiger Woods was on top of the world with longtime dominance in golf seemingly a forgone conclusion.

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That all came crashing down during the 2009 Thanksgiving holiday, with reports of Woods being injured after crashing his SUV into a tree spiraling into a mistress scandal with seemingly countless women.

One year later, the always-guarded PGA pro is starting to open up a bit more – recently telling ESPN’s “Mike and Mike in the Morning” that he’s an “infinitely” happier person now than he was a year ago.

“[I’m] just more clear, more clear about my perspective, who I am, where I want to go,” he said. “It’s amazing how much better I feel internally each and every day.”

And while he’s since split wife now ex-wife Elin Nordegren, Woods is making sure to keep his children, Sam Alexis and Charlie Axel, a top priority.

Of the joys he gets from fatherhood, Tiger said, “Giving my son, Charlie, a bath, for example, beats chipping another bucket of balls. Making mac and cheese for him and his sister, Sam, is better than dining in any restaurant.”

Woods also knows that he’ll have to revisit the dirty laundry aired after last year’s Thanksgiving accident in the future – as his children will surely someday seek his side of the story.

Telling that he plans to be honest, Woods said, “I will have to earn the trust and respect of my kids over time.”


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