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Did you catch it? Beyonce Knowles-Carter entertained the whole family last night, just as she did a year ago: Thanksgiving night via an ABC TV special. Clearly, she is still eating off the I Am…Sasha Fierce project, 2 years later! That’s called marketing mixed with ridiculous star power (not many artists can pull that off).

Beyonce put on her director’s hat for this presentation, giving her audience “two shows in one” as she says. Displayed first is the diva Sasha on a worldwide platform, then she exits stage left cameras rolling behind-the-scenes to capture Beyonce’s world.

She speaks to the camera very intimately about her thoughts, her worries, her pain, her joy- sharing every emotion she felt out on the road. Aside from watching the same routines we’ve seen for years, this was the highlight. I actually wanted extended footage of her real life; it kind of left me wanting more. Though, she’s been gone for a while so at this point we’ll take it! Fans are always eager for new material, however it will be in due time by way of Beyonce’s well deserved time-off. What did you like about the TV special? Leave us your thoughts and opinions below.

**SIDE NOTE: It was most definitely a Beyonce night! While the show was broken up by commercials, Beyonce had at least 2 or 3 in rotation the whole time. Where’s her marketing team when you need them! Smart. Check out her 2nd Vizio spot below…

In case you missed it, here’s part 1 of the hour and a half long TV production…

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