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Will Smith was spotted over the weekend attending his oldest son Trey’s Football game at Oaks Christian High School. Will’s ex-wife Sheree and her husband, former San Diego Chargers running back Terrell Fletcher, were also at the game.

In a recent interview, Sheree discussed what it was like to always be referred to as Will Smith’s ex-wife and how it has effected her relationships.

It is what it is. It kind of comes with the territory, unfortunately. And that’s part of the baggage that I come with, It took Terrell five years to propose, and that very thing is probably what dragged it out so long. I’m his current wife and to always be referred to as someone else’s ex-wife, that can’t be easy.But it takes a secure man, it takes somebody who knows who they are.”

She also explained that although she’s friendly with Jada, they don’t cross certain lines:

“I’ve had people ask me, ‘Are you and Jada friends?’ Jada and I are friendly, absolutely. And see, too, it depends on your understanding of the word friend. Jada and I don’t do things separately [from the kids]—like, ‘Girl, what you doing today? Let’s get lunch.’ Or ‘Let’s go see a movie.’

“We don’t cross that line. Because, see, now what happens is if we have an issue in our friendship, it affects everything. Now it affects the kids. We have to really preserve what we have and guard it. You’ve gotta have boundaries.”

Glad to see everything is drama-free in this extended family

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