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Well obviously George Bush done wrote his autobiography and he said the worst thing to happen to him was Kanye calling him a racist. So hide your 911, hide your Katrina and hide your mission accomplished banner because you can run and publish that. double u (W)

Antoine Dodson is growing on me. Last night he made his first late night talk show appearance on the Lopez Tonight show where he discussed his new found fame and success. While on the show, he revealed that the “Bed Intruder Song” made it to #1 on Itunes in Sweden, #3 on the Itunes Hip Hop & R&B charts and #89 on the Billbaord Charts. He is now working on a follow up record “Stupid, you so dumb”

I’m actually working with my sister Lady G, she’s producing everything and the first single that’s coming out is ‘Stupid, You So Dumb’. It’s a continuous from the first song ‘He Has Not Been Caught Yet’, so please be alert

He also revealed that the first thing he bought with his money was a Gucci Bag.

“The first thing I bought was a Gucci bag. I live for Gucci. But I have not been spending crazy. I’ve been saving my money because I’m trying to get us out of the hood PERIOD, not just the projects…

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