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According to the gossip blogs the pride of Texas Tina Knowles has finally sent slimy Mathew Knowles on his way with the dreaded “D” word. Want proof? Click here, here, and here.

It’s no secret that Daddy Knowles enjoys extra-marital activities. My homegirl Danielle posted on her blog (DC rumours) that he got another woman pregnant and was keeping it hush-hush, so Matty sent his lawyers after her, shut down the site temporarily and threatened legal action. Luckily she managed to get her site back, and then a month or two later the it popped up on TMZ that the sideline ho had filed a paternity suit against Matthew. Fancy suing a website for telling the truth!

I have another juicy story to, but I’ll change the names to avoid legal action! One of my music business teachers had the pleasure of working with “Monty Trowles” and a successful girl group he managed called “Fates Children” back in 2005. Not only did the girl group have some extremely extravagant demands but at one point during the planning process Monty vanished and was supposedly off on a yaught with one of his mistresses. Don’t quote me on this though, I don’t want my ass gettin’ sued! I uh, made it all up…yes… it’s all pretend… *blank stare*.

Anyways if Tina really does give Matty his marching orders what do you think this means for Beyonce? It’s typical of children to take sides when their parents go through a messy divorce, but who exactly will Bey side with? The man who turned her into a star or her dear old scorned mother?

Could she even survive without Mathew to guide her every move? Oh wait, she has her other crooked captor Jay-Z, she’ll be fine!

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