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More details are starting to come out about the death of Chris Henry. Charlotte police have released the Chris Henry 911 call audio, which seems to have revealed a bit about the circumstances of Chris Henry’s death.

So how did Chris Henry die? As has been reported elsewhere, Chris Henry died from injuries sustained after falling off of a moving truck. According to Charlotte police, Chris Henry and fiancee Loleini Tonga were involved in a domestic dispute when Tonga drove away from their home in a truck. Henry jumped into the back of the truck as she drove away.

One witness said that Chris Henry had actually stuck his head inside the truck.


“And his head was poking inside the cabin window, so his head was in the truck. And his body was outside, and he’s holding on – his arms were completely outstretched holding on to both sides…and didn’t have a shirt. Me and my co-worker thought it was completely bizarre because it was 40 degrees outside.

Source: wfae.org


Another eyewitness report suggests that Chris Henry may not have jumped off the truck. 


The neighbor said he heard Henry tell Tongo he was going to throw himself out of the back of the truck if she didn’t stop. 


Source: wbtv.com


R.I.P Chris Henry

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