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Last night on the season finale of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians”, Kim Kardashian aired a phone conversation between her and Reggie Bush that happened after the news broke that she was dating NFL Player Miles Austin. In the clip, she calls Reggie and he says “It is what it is, you are on your own now… I just felt like…the sh*t was literally driving me crazy”.

There was also another scene, where he goes off on Kim Kardashian because the car wash charged him when she took her car to get washed. When he called her about it, she told him they made the mistake because they both drive the same type of car. When Kim got off the phone with Reggie, she told her sisters that he said “Don’t ever call me again. Don’t ever f*cking charge a car wash to me again. You can have Miles Austin pay for it”.

It’s kind of hard to determine if the clip was chopped up to make Reggie sound like an angry bitter ex but Reggie was definitely not happy about it. Last night, he took to his twitter after the show aired and posted:

I kinda feel like the government right now! Lol! Man if they only knew what I knew about you!

Don’t make me expose you to those people who don’t know you…” -Jay Z (subliminal tweets)

Kim has also received a little flack from fans of the show who thought it was wrong that she would air a private phone conversation between the two. She addressed the episode on her blog in a post titled “My Most Emotional and Most Vulnerable Episode:

I saw some stuff on the internet saying I’ve put Reggie on blast for airing a phone call with the two of us. Reggie and I were in a relationship for over 3 years and we have taped dozens of conversations and iChatted many times while filming, so this is nothing new or scandalous

I think once you watch the episode you will really see that I in no way put anyone on blast! We are sharing a small bit of my personal life. Clearly so much more has gone on between us that no one hour episode can cover.

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