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WizNation crew, what y’all up to? Still with us? Great! It’s your turn to help NOC and MusicJunkie in taking a look at the best (and the worst) of the individual cyphers that took place during last night’s BET Hip Hop Awards show.

101.1 The Wiz wants to know what you thought of them one by one. Of course, we’re not going to put all of the work on you. Together myself and my favorite new music critic have decided to chime in on the freestyle cyphers and let you know what we thought of each one, too.

Then of course, all you have to do is post your thoughts and responses to the cypher or our recaps below on the message board below. Sound simple? Seem easy? Good, then let’s go for it!

This next freestyle cypher was truly a family affair with Rev. Run and Ice Cube holding it down as the leaders and legends alongside their offspring OMG, Doughboy, Diggy and JoJo. Go get ’em!


Wow! I really liked this one. The family thing had me going. I think Ice Cube, OMG and Doughboy brought it from the west coast seriously. I was never a Cali vs. NYC commentator, but those dudes slaughtered their freestyle cypher. At the same time though, my heart goes to Rev. Run, Diggy and JoJo. I definitely feel like I know them and I know their rhymes. To me, JoJo’s gotta get focused and hone is craft quickly because little Diggy is about to overshadow him. The gene pool on both sides of the fence – or should I say the country – is steeped in major talent. I’d like to see more of this kind of thing – especially with some singers. Noc is that possible? A singing cypher? Who would you put on the mic first?


Well when it comes to the singing there aren’t too many artist families that i see could fall into that category. But i’d like to see Mary J, Fantasia, and Aretha got at it in a singing cypher. That would be hot!!! Back to the cypher tho. i gotta give the teen title to Diggy and Jo-Jo. they had a better presence and delivery with the flow than OMG and Doughboy.  They seemed uneasy and stiff wit the flows. But on the flipside Cube held it down with that traditional cali swag….no pun intended. Lol.


What did you guys think? Which of us do you agree with the most? Don’t forget to share your thoughts by posting in the comments section below.


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