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Lil Wayne Going It Alone Behind Bars


Will Lil Wayne get out early?  Well after getting in trouble, h may not!  Find out what he did and his punishment.

Via E! Online

Lil Wayne is rocking out to the tune of his own heartbeat from now on.

The rapper will spend the remainder of his prison sentence in “punitive segregation,” i.e. solitary, as punishment for sneaking headphones and a charger for an MP3 player (verboten because they weren’t from the jail commissary) into his cell earlier this year.

He was moved Monday into his new confines at Rikers Island, where he will spend 23 hours a day until his release, which is supposed to happen sometime next month.

But did he get off kind of easy?

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Lil Wayne’s infraction occurred in May, and only now is the New York Department of Corrections doing anything about it.

Even during his one hour a day of recreation, Lil Wayne is no longer allowed to socialize with other inmates, watch TV or chat on the phone. Phone time has been limited to one call a week, minus talks with his lawyer, and he’ll be eating his meals in his cell.

Attorney Stacey Richman had no comment on her client’s altered lifestyle.

Lil Wayne was locked up March 8, penance after pleading guilty to felony attempted weapons possession for having a loaded semiautomatic firearm on his tour bus in 2007. He was sentenced to a year behind bars, but is still on track to be out after eight months for good behavior.

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