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After a tour of Scotland’s largest city the superstar entertainer delivered the ‘good time’ he promised fans and as Flower Of Scotland was played he encouraged the crowd to sing along to their unofficial nation anthem, although they didn’t need much encouragement as Mr Combs joined them as they belted out their song with pride.

The 40 year old star from New York’s Harlem district thanked fans for welcoming him to their city and went on to entertain them with tracks from his upcoming Last Train To Paris album.

Tickets for the gig were obtainable for free from MTVs website. It’s though a fortunate 1,500 people attended the event.

P Didddy showed great respect for his Scottish fans by donning the traditional tartan and sipping the famous Jonnie Walker Black Label as he was joined on stage by one of the cities pipers.

It was the father of fives first UK gig in as many years.

Do you think Diddy is over the top?

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