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Hip-hop performer Wyclef Jean, who recently failed in his bid for the Haitian presidency, has been hospitalized for stress.

A spokesperson for Jean announced on Monday that the rapper, producer and outspoken Haitian activist checked into a hospital in an undisclosed location over the weekend.

He is “suffering from stress and fatigue based on the gruelling eight weeks he’s had,” said his representative, Marian Salzman.

Jean, who is slated to release a new album in February and launch a corresponding world tour, made headlines this summer when he confirmed rumours that he was running for president of Haiti, where he was born.

However, Jean — whose family moved to New York when he was nine and who is currently based in New Jersey — was ultimately deemed ineligible because he did not meet residency requirements.

Though the former Fugees rapper attempted to appeal the electoral council’s disqualification of his bid, he officially withdrew his candidacy last week. Jean, who is one of his country’s best-known advocates and champions, reported being targeted with threats during his brief bid.

“This was not an easy conclusion to reach,” Jean said at the time, “but it is one that was thoughtfully made, taking into account many, many competing factors.”

According to Salzman, Jean plans to “take it easy” and is expected to be released later this week.

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